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A video about the AgroCares scanner. The AgroCares Scanner is a near-infrared device that enables you to quickly monitor the nutrient content in your soil or feed sample.

Vluchteling onder dak

A video by Dyed in the Wool Films for Vluchteling Onder Dak about their buddy project for the refugees in our community.

The Quest for Healing

The Quest for Healing is a documentary film in which journalist and documentary maker Anne Sophie van Grondelle goes on a journey to find answers to questions around healing prayer. She visits Bethel Church in Redding CA, a church known worldwide for their many...

MUSEO – Leon Bosboom

A short video about Leon Bosboom, known for his Bull paintings. For more information go to

Nu Psycholoog & Coach

Marie Christine Roeleveld tells her story about Nu Psycholoog en Coach. For more information, go to