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Leyden Academy

This is a small portrait we made for Leyden Academy. Margaretha is the face of Leyden Academy for 2020/2021.

Christelijke Hogeschool Ede

In cooperation with the CHE,, Jeugdbescherming Nederland, Samen sterk and Entrea Lindenhout we did this project. With this link you can find the 5 video's we made.


Art van Grondelle

Art van Grondelle

Owner / Filmmaker / Photographer / Storyteller

Loves his wife, his cat, people in general, fries, nature, Youtube, God, Final cut 10, bright Eames chairs, coffee, honesty, NBA, Volvo, music, Toms shoes, Dumb and dumber, organised camerabags and so much more.
Anne Sophie van Grondelle - Roeleveld

Anne Sophie van Grondelle - Roeleveld

Owner / Journalist / Storyteller / Truthseeker

Things that make me happy – Feeling connected, Hikes in wild nature, C.S. Lewis, My Allbirds shoes, Other cultures, Flowers, Hopeful stories, My cat Habib (and basically all other animals), Handcrafted goods, Organic food.


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